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We live in a book house.

Updated: Jan 3

If you're reading this blog, we bet you might live in a book house, too. Wherever you go in our house, you'll find a book at your elbow begging to be read. Our books don't live on proper shelves. They wander free, open at random pages, chewing up bookmarks with ratty edges. No book in our home ever demands to be read cover to cover. We start and stop based on our moods. We reread favorite pages until the words are worn off onto our fingers and into our hearts.

We do not discriminate. All books are welcome. With or without pictures. Brand new or pages curled like eyelashes. A favorite author or a new discovery. We round them up and offer sanctuary where they will be loved and shared, always returning home. We let them distract us from our 'must-do's' and the worries of the world.

A house made of books is also one made up of ideas, words, and inspiration. We hope our posts and reviews help you discover new books to fall in love with and write stories of your own.

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