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Dressed for the occasion.

Updated: Jan 3

From the time Sophia was tiny, she always considered reading books a formal affair. While other kiddos put on their footy pajamas before bed, she would slip into a princess dress so that we could read The Twelve Dancing Princesses or sneak her pirate’s sword under her pillow in preparation for Peter Pan.

Just as her friends might suit up for a soccer match, she found herself so swept away in the story that she wanted to discover how to inch a little closer to those fictional worlds she loved

. Whether it was Hermione’s Yule Ball gown or Jane Goodall’s binoculars, reading became a truly immersive activity.

As Sophia gets older, her two great loves (fashion and reading) have never left one another’s sides. Often, she puts together entire wardrobes for the characters she not only reads about but the ones that she writes about, too.

After all, don’t we all need our own special armor to face the world?

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