Title: The First Rule of Punk

Author: Celia C. Pérez


Read This If You Like: Front Desk, New Kid, The Epic Fail or Arturo Zamora
      #PunkRock #BeYourself #MakingABand 

Favorite Quote: “I like to think of us as more like patchwork quilts... Some pieces are prettier than others. Some pieces match and some don't. But if you remove a square, you're just left with an incomplete quilt, and who wants that? All our pieces are equally important if they make us whole. Even the weird ones.”

Summary: Twelve-year-old Malú inadvertently breaks every rule in the book at her new school. How do you recover? You gather all the misfits and start a punk rock band to fight the administration and the bullies. Added bonus, there are cool pictures throughout. 

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